San Juan Elementary School

Quick Facts: San Juan Elementary School

Number of Students : 262 students (as of Sept 2021)
Location: San Simon Municipality, Pampanga Province
Under what HBI project: BRAVE Adopt-a- School Project
Duration of Project: Three (3) Years (Concluded Sept 2021)

Partner in Service

Funding Partner/Donor

WISE Philanthropy Advisors

Fondation Philanthropique NEXT

In 2018, HBI through the support of the Fondation Philanthropique NEXT (Switzerland) which is represented by WISE Philanthropy Advisors, started a 3-year Adopt-a-School Project in the San Juan Elementary School in San Simon, Pampanga. The name of the project is the Building Reliable and Valuable Education or BRAVE Adopt-a-School Project. Apart from San Juan Elementary School, the Santa Cruz Elementary School was also included in this particular development project.

The BRAVE Adopt-a-School Project aimed for the total improvement of the San Juan Elementary School by implementing a slew of activities on Education and Health Improvement; enhancing the capacities of teachers, parents, and community members in allied topics for them to volunteer to schools; and implementing school-community livelihood programs that will provide parents with additional income and will provide the schools with a ready source of funds for school programs and improvement projects.

By September 2021, San Juan and Santa Cruz Elementary Schools in the San Simon Municipality, Pampanga Province with 957 students (458), parents (382), community members (100), and teachers (17) have benefited from a range of sustainable services that are managed by the teachers and the students’ parents both with increased income allowing current and future students to complete and succeed in their schooling. The achievements include:

  • 458 students have succeeded in their elementary schooling
  • 382 parents and 100 community members have improved capacity on education, health, and/or livelihood. 100 parents were reached and included in the project’s livelihood programs for the reporting period.
  • 17 teachers and approximately 310 parents managing and implementing sustainable school services along the lines of education, health, and livelihood. The increase in active parents is due to the implementation of the Livelihood Stimulus and Cooperative Program for the reporting period.
  • The sustainable improvement of San Juan and Santa Cruz Elementary Schools along the areas of education and health services benefit an average of 22 to 25 new students every school year

Here’s a look at the BRAVE Adopt-a-School Project in San Juan Elementary School: