Bulac Elementary School

Quick Facts: Bulac Elementary School

Number of Students as of Dec 2021: 204 students (111 boys & 93 girls)
Location: Minalin Municipality, Pampanga Province
Under what HBI project: BRAVE Adopt-a- School Project
Duration of Project: Three (3) Years

Partner in Service

Funding Partner/Donor

WISE Philanthropy Advisors

Fondation Philanthropique NEXT

On November 2021, HBI through the support of the Fondation Philanthropique NEXT (Switzerland) which is represented by WISE Philanthropy Advisors, started a 3-year Adopt-a-School Project in the Bulac Elementary School. The name of the project is the Building Reliable and Valuable Education or BRAVE Adopt-a-School Project. Apart from Bulac Elementary School, the San Pedro Elementary School is also included in this particular development project.

The BRAVE Adopt-a-School Project aims for the total improvement of the Bulac Elementary School by making the school safe and resilient, ready to implement face-to-face and distance learning modes made effective by facility improvements; and by enhancing the capacities of the school and organized parent and community volunteers who will support the school in the implementation of expanded student services.

Here’s a look at what the Bulac BRAVE Adopt-a-School Project has accomplished so far: