Adopted Schools

The Ylenia Foundation is the first HBI partner to implement an Adopt-a-School Project in the Rissing Elementary School, Bangar, La Union

Since starting the Adopt-a-School Project in 2008, HBI has adopted 17 public elementary schools in La Union, Pampanga, and Bulacan through the generous support of funding partners and donors.

The first Adopt-a-School Project site is the Rissing Elementary School in Bangar, La Union. Under this project, HBI implemented a slew of development activities from 2008 to 2012 that focused on improving the school’s various infrastructure, student services, and the parents and community members’ capacities to obtain more income for their children. The changes made in Rissing remain sustainable as buildings are properly maintained, core parent groups remain active, and livelihood projects have been expanded to include more participants and members.

After the success of the Rissing Adopt-a-School Project, HBI has been able to adopt seven other impoverished public elementary schools in the La Union Province: the Pitpitac Elementary School (Luna Municipality), the San Agustin – Poro Elementary School (San Fernando City), San Jose Elementary School (Sudipen Municipality), Banbanaba Elementary School (Santol Municipality), Nalvo Norte Elementary School (Luna Municipality), Sucoc Elementary School (Luna Municipality), and Cabalitocan Elementary School (Luna Municipality).

Over the years, HBI’s Adopt-a-School Project has expanded to other provinces – in Bulacan (the Don Miguel Martin Elementary School and the Victoriano C. Raymundo Elementary School) and in Pampanga Province where the project is implemented in seven (7) public elementary schools from the municipalities of Minalin and San Simon.

Notable Partners, Funders, and Donors

Fondation Philanthropique NEXT

Programs: Building Reliable and Valuable Education (BRAVE) Adopt-a-School Project implemented in San Juan, Santa Cruz, Bulac, and San Pedro Elementary Schools

Ylenia Foundation

Programs: Ylenia Adopt-a-School Project implemented in Rissing, Pitpitac, and Cabalitocan Elementary Schools

WISE Philanthropy Advisors

Program: Mission: Good Nutrition in Maniango Elementary School, Adopt-a-School Projects in Hagonoy, Bulacan

Fondation du Groupe Pictet

Program: Mission: Good Nutrition in Dawe and Saplad Elementary Schools, Minalin, Pampanga

ICARE New Zealand
Programs: Adopt-a-School Project in San Jose Elementary School, Sudipen, La Union