Maniango Elementary School

Quick Facts: Maniango Elementary School

Number of Students : 190 students (as of May 2022)
Location: Minalin Municipality, Pampanga Province
Under what HBI project: Mission: Good Nutrition Adopt-a-School Project
Duration of Project: Three (3) Years

Partner in Service

Local Implementing Partner

WISE Philanthropy Advisors

Haligi ng Bata, Inc.

The Maniango Elementary School is a small public elementary school in the middle of numerous fish pens and bodies of water. Located in Minalin, Pampanga, the school is contending with interconnected problems of poverty, poor nutrition among students, and low school participation rates. With this, an Adopt-a-School Project called Mission: Good Nutrition has been implemented by HBI through WISE Philanthropy Advisors since 2020.

Unlike other Adopt-a-School Projects that focus on improving school learning facilities, the Mission: Good Nutrition Project focuses on improving the health and nutrition facilities and services offered by the school and the community to children and students. Thus, the Maniango Adopt-a-School Project has seen the improvements of the school’s first aid corners, clinic, school canteen, and the integration of community health center services to enrolled students. Capacity building activities are also focused on health and nutrition, with community organizing efforts given to mobilize and train groups of mothers to become Health Watch Committee members who will provide extended health services to the school and community. Livelihood programs under the Mission: Good Nutrition Project are also focused on improving food security as seen in the Maniango Elementary School’s Hydroponics Facility and Aquaponics Facility.

Here’s a look at the Maniango Mission: Good Nutrition Adopt-a-School Project’s latest accomplishments: