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Haligi ng Bata, Incorporated is now actively serving the poorest of the poor students and families in Metro Manila, La Union and Negros Occidental. They are helped along the areas of education, health, capacity-building, livelihood and child’s rights awareness.

One of the programs implemented by Haligi ng Bata, Incorporated is the Child Sponsorship Program. Children under this program are assured of educational assistance from elementary to high school via the yearly provision of educational assistance (school bags, uniforms, school supplies and miscellaeneous fees). Aside from that, the sponsored children are also entitled to attend awareness and capacity building seminars such as enrichment classes for slow-learners, computer classes, life-planning and leadership seminars, child’s rights awareness, reproductive health seminars among many others.

Their health is also safeguarded through the health and nutrition programs. Identified malnourished children are enrolled in the supplemental feeding program with provision of multivitamins. Beneficiaries are also given health kits (made up of bath towel, bath soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush) so as they would value and practice good grooming and proper hygiene.

Currently, there are 1,373 schooling children who are under Haligi ng Bata’s Child Sponsorship Program.

Aside from helping the schooling children, Haligi ng Bata, Incorporated also engages in Adopt-A-School activities. Through the Adopt-a-School Program, the children’s schools are improved – Dilapidated buildings and classrooms are repaired, latrines or comfort rooms are created, libraries are rehabilitated via the provision of library materials and the school is provided with income generating projects which could fund future school projects and programs. Currently, HBI has adopted schools in Metro Manila (particularly schools in the Holy Spirit and Payatas areas) and in Bangar, La Union (Paratong Elementary School).

Apart from these, a group sponsorship program is also being implemented in La Union and Negros Occidental. The group sponsorship program are shorter development programs geared towards sustainable projects with focus on school and community empowerment.

Because of the devastation brought about by typhoons Ketsana (Ondoy) and Parma (Pepeng), HBI has been implementing various typhoon rehabilitation works for affected La Union schools since 2009. Collectively known as the Rural Reconstruction Project, this project has been implementing Agency Driven Reconstruction in-Situ (ADRIS) in 16 public elementary schools in Luna, Bangar and Sudipen, La Union who were affected by the typhoon and didn’t receive any relief or support from organizations, be they government or non-government.

Additional programs include the Vocational School Project and HBI’s newest development program, the School and Community Development Program.