Send a Message to Your Sponsored Child

Reach out to your sponsored child by sending a letter

Communicating with your sponsored child is key to learning about the conditions in their community and how your support is making a difference in their life. With that, HBI encourages sponsors to reach out to their sponsored children through letters, photos, and/or greeting cards.

This page offers a convenient way for sponsors to electronically send a short message, letter, and photos to their supported children.

Before you start typing and uploading your photos, here are some reminders:

  1. Decide first if you want to send a computerized letter or a scanned copy of an actual card or letter. You can put the words of your letter in this contact form.
  2.  If you want to send a scanned copy of a card or letter, write in a clean sheet of paper & decorate your letter as you please. Send the scanned copy to
  3. Think about what you should write in your letter. You can share recent happy incidents and memories you experienced with your family & friends. You can also motivate them to do better in school. Write about your hobbies & your interests, instead of talking about your personal possessions so that your sponsored child & their family can know more about who you are and not about what you own.
  4. Feel free to ask simple questions about your sponsored child’s studies, favorites, pastime, and friends.
  5.  Do not try to cover too much ground in your first few letters. You will have many chances to write to your sponsored child so keep your letters simple but sincere.
  6. In the Name Line, write your Sponsored Child’s Name and CSP Number (if you have it).

Now, let’s send a message to your sponsored child!

Encountered problems using our send-a-message feature? Write to us!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the contact us page or email us at if you need help or you encountered problems using this feature!