Our Partners-in-Service

Haligi ng Bata, Incorporated is able to provide empowerment and lasting changes to their beneficiaries because of the generosity of their partner NGOs. Haligi ng Bata, Incorporated’s Funding Partners-in Service are the following:


CO-OPERAID Switzerland 

CO-OPERAID is a non-profit organization based in Zurich, Switzerland and has been one of HBI’s long-time partners-in-service. Zewo-Certified since 1998, CO-OPERAID started working with HBI in the mid 1990s with the implementation of their Child Sponsorship Program. Through the years, CO-OPERAID has widened their programs in the Philippines as together with HBI, they implemented the Project Sponsorship Program (a 5-year development project) in Paratong, Bangar, La Union, the first Adopt-a-School Project in Rissing Elementary School, the Typhoon Relief and Rehabilitation Project, and the Rural Reconstruction Project. Currently, CO-OPERAID and their donors is supporting the Vocational School Project in Tallaoen, Luna, La Union, and in Ipet, Sudipen, La Union. 

International Care and Relief (iCARE) Australia

The International Care and Relief – Australia (ICARE Australia) is a non-profit organization based in New South Wales, Australia. ICARE Australia and HBI have been actively funding and implementing the Child Sponsorship Program in the Philippines’ Metro Manila and La Union regions since the mid 1990s until the year 2014. Today, ICARE with HBI is in the process of expanding their development work in the Philippines by starting the implementation of a Skills Training and Livelihood Project in the farming community of Seng-ngat, Sudipen, La Union. Upcoming development projects include the Heed and Thrive (Health, Education, and Thriving Vocational Education) Development Project for Navotas, Metro Manila and La Union communities and an Adopt-a-School Project in Luna, La Union.


International Care and Relief (iCARE) New Zealand

The New Zealand arm of International Care and Relief (ICARE) is a non-profit organization which has been implementing their Child Sponsorship Program with HBI in Metro Manila (Navotas, Quezon City, and Manila) and La Union since the mid-1990s. Apart from the Child Sponsorship Program, ICARE New Zealand has also been implementing School Improvement Projects, School and Community Livelihood Programs, and Disaster Relief activities.


Internationaler Hilsfonds (IH) – Germany

The Internationaler Hilsfonds (IH) is a non-profit organization with offices in Frankfurt, Germany and Brussels, Belgium. They have been working with HBI since the mid-1990s and together, they have been implementing the Child Sponsorship Program in Metro Manila and slum relocation sites in the provinces of Bulacan and Rizal (both are two hours away from Manila).


Parrains De L’Espoir (PDE) – France

Parrains De L’Espoir (PDE) – France is one of HBI’s longtime partner-in-service and have been with HBI since it started in the year 1994. Based in Strasbourg, France, PDE’s work in the Philippines is the Child Sponsorship Program which has served around 10,000 indigent Filipino children. Apart from the Child Sponsorship Program, PDE-France also implements Skills Training and Livelihood Support to the parents of sponsored children. Project areas include Metro Manila and indigent public housing residents  in the provinces of Bulacan and Rizal.


The Dutch Help-Parents

Unlike other HBI partners-in-service, the Dutch Help-Parents is not a foreign non-profit organization, they are simply a group of do-gooders and donors residing in The Netherlands. This group has been pooling funds together so they can continuously fund a Group Sponsorship Program in the Bayanihan-Habitat Community, Talisay, Negros Occidental  in Western Visayas. The Dutch Help Parents helped in creating the relocation community with Habitat for Humanity Philippines but after the houses were built, the group felt that they should implement a program that will improve the education, health, and livelihood status of the village residents. This idea has now been a reality with HBI as their implementing partner since 2010. Apart from education support and health services, community livelihood projects are operating and a vocational school program for high school graduates are in place.


The Ylenia Foundation

The Ylenia Foundation of Appenzell, Switzerland is a living reminder that something good can come out from something bad. The foundation was established by Madam Charlotte Lenhard and her brother, Mr. Philipp Lenhard, in memory of their daughter and niece Ylenia Lenhard – a young girl who was abducted and killed in 2007. To honor Ylenia, the foundation has been tirelessly implementing Adopt-a-School projects in Bangar and Luna, La Union since the year 2008. As a result, the two schools aided by the Ylenia Foundation have been transformed from underperforming schools to public schools who are consistent top-notchers and achievers.


The Trafigura Foundation

The Trafigura Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of global commodities trader Trafigura, is HBI’s newest partner-in-service and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.  Committed to helping people reach their full potential through self-sustaining solutions, such as setting up their own small business or training to acquire new skills, the Trafigura Foundation and HBI is now implementing a 3-Year School and Community Development Project in San Agustin – a port community in San Fernando, La Union.

Haligi ng Bata also works in close coordination with their Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) in Metro Manila, Sudipen, Bangar, Luna towns in La Union, and Bayanihan-Habitat, Negros Occidental. The following are Haligi ng Bata’s CBO/partners:

  1. HBI Urban Poor Area Organization – (7 CBOs in Metro Manila, 7 CBOs in Sudipen and 1 CBO in Bayanihan-Habitat) : These CBOs are HBI’s partner in implementing, monitoring and evaluation of the various projects and programs of HBI
  2. HBI Women’s Club – (21 CBOs in Metro Manila, 9 CBOs in Sudipen and 3 CBOs in Bayanihan-Habitat) : These CBOs are HBI’s partner in implementing education, health and livelihood programs
  3. HBI Children and Youth Organization – (21 CBOs in Metro Manila, 3 CBOs in Sudipen and 2 CBOs in Bayanihan-Habitat) : These CBOs are HBI’s partner in implementing youth programs in the community
  4. Parent, Teacher and Community Association (PTCA) : 12 PTCAs of schools which HBI helps are partners in the implementation of school and community projects.