Impact of the HBI Child Sponsorship Program (CSP)

Education for All: School supplies for non-sponsored children in Metro Manila

Education statistics in the Philippines show that for every 100 Filipino children enrolling in elementary school, only 69 will reach Grade 6. From the 69 kids who continue their elementary schooling, only 48 will complete their high school education. And from the 48 who will finish high school, only 18 will finish their education.

There are varied reasons why such dire statistics have become realities in the Philippines: some children live in far-flung areas where public schools remain inaccessible; some children are not healthy enough for school; some children grow up in households that do not give an importance or value to schooling.

The reasons may be plenty, but if you look closely, what fuels all the possible reasons why children stop schooling is poverty. Poverty dictates whether a child will have complete school supplies once the school year starts. It dictates whether a student would have food for school. Poverty dictates whether a student can join extracurricular activities that they are interested in. It dictates whether or not a student can submit their assignments or projects on time. Poverty continues to play a strong role in quashing whatever enthusiasm a poor child has for continued education and schooling.

HBI Child Sponsorship Program (CSP): General Effects on Sponsored Children

Supported HBI children in Paratong, Bangar, La Union

Based on project data and feedback from the project areas, the Haligi ng Bata, Inc. Child Sponsorship Program has had a significant positive impact on the lives of its beneficiaries. Some of the most commonly mentioned effects or impact of the HBI Child Sponsorship Program among its supported children are:

  • Improved education: HBI’s child sponsorship program has helped improve the education of their beneficiaries. Through the program, children are given access to quality education, which includes miscellaneous school fees, school supplies, uniforms, and other educational materials. This helps to ensure that children stay in school and receive a good education.
  • Better health: The program also has a positive impact on the health of the children beneficiaries. They receive regular health check-ups, immunizations, and nutrition support. This helps to prevent and treat illnesses and ensures that the children are healthy and able to attend school.
  • Enhanced self-esteem: By receiving support and attention from their sponsors, children develop a sense of belonging and self-esteem. They feel valued and important, which helps to build their confidence and sense of self-worth.
  • Increased opportunities: Through the program, children are exposed to various opportunities that they may not have otherwise had. They are given access to extracurricular activities, skills training, and vocational programs, which help to prepare them for future employment and careers.
  • Strengthened family and community relationships: The program also helps to strengthen the relationships between families and the community. Through regular interaction with the HBI Team or program staff and volunteers, families are given support and guidance in various aspects of their lives, including health, education, and finances. This helps to create a supportive community that helps to uplift and empower its members.

HBI Child Sponsorship Program (CSP): General Effects on Donors

Sponsoring a child is a rewarding experience for the child, the child's family, and the donors too.
Sponsoring a child is a rewarding experience for the child, the child’s family and community, and the donors too.

The Haligi ng Bata, Inc.’s Child Sponsorship Program has a positive impact not only on the children-beneficiaries but also on the donors. Feedback among donors and long-time supporters reveal that being part of the Child Sponsorship Program…

  • Gives them a sense of purpose: Donors who participate in HBI’s child sponsorship program feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment by knowing that they are making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children. It gives them a way to contribute to society in a meaningful way.
  • Fosters a feeling of connection: Donors are able to develop a connection with their sponsored child. They receive updates on their progress, letters, and photos. This connection allows donors to see the impact of their support.
  • Has a positive impact on mental health: Donors also benefit from the child sponsorship program by experiencing positive effects on their mental health. Studies have shown that giving to charity can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. By knowing that they are contributing to a worthy cause, donors feel a sense of fulfillment and happiness.
  • Results to a positive public image: Companies or organizations that participate in the child sponsorship program can improve their public image by demonstrating their commitment to social responsibility. This can help attract customers, investors, and employees who share similar values.
  • Opens doors for networking opportunities: Participating in the child sponsorship program can also provide networking opportunities for donors. They can connect with other donors and supporters, as well as with the staff and volunteers of Haligi ng Bata, Inc. This can help donors build relationships and expand their social and professional networks.

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