Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

San Agustin community members
San Agustin Community in San Fernando, La Union (Photo taken by EXPOSURE PH)

Haligi ng Bata, Incorporated envisions a God-loving, united, self-reliant individuals and communities believing in their worth and dignity as human beings, and participating in all aspects concerning the improvement and upliftment of the lives of the less fortunate and marginalized sectors towards an economically and productive society.


Our Mission

San Agustin community children find joy in playing with a plastic bag by sea on a fishing boat. Photo taken by EXPOSURE PH.
San Agustin community children find joy in playing with a plastic bag by sea on a fishing boat. Photo taken by EXPOSURE PH.
  1.  Implement responsive programs based on spiritual and life values geared towards the total development of children, families and communities.
  2.  Facilitate the awareness of every individual towards the realization of social issues that affect their lives thereby empowering them to identify their potentials and resources that may address their needs.
  3. Provide access to opportunities that may lend support toward a self-managing individual and community.
  4. Enjoin active participation of project beneficiaries in the exercise of the helping process to achieve maximum impact on their lives.


Our Goals and Objectives

Books for All Program
Books for All Program for Poor public schools in La Union, Northern Philippines

Through our various development programs, Haligi ng Bata, Inc. is committed to assist and provide socio-economic, health and nutrition, and educational programs or opportunities to its target beneficiaries – the marginalized sector of the Philippine society. By doing so, this will enable the target beneficiaries to have access to resources which will develop and strengthen their potentials and capabilities to attain better and quality lives. Specifically it intends to:

  1. Enable the children-beneficiaries to have access to formal schooling and non-formal educational activities that will develop their minds, creativity and ability to relate well with others and live productive lives
  2. Improve the health status of children, their immediate family members and community residents as well through provisions of various health services
  3. Promote community development and organization in areas covered through the provision of technical assistance / inputs in order to build self-sustaining communities
  4. Extend livelihood opportunities through the provision of non-collateral, low-interest seed capital assistance to beneficiaries who are into small-scale businesses or those who are capable of managing an income-generating project.
  5. Assist schools and communities in their social development projects that promote welfare of either their student body or constituents.