Child Sponsorship

Our Child Sponsorship Program allows an individual represented by our partners-in-service to sponsor or fund a child in a developing country until the child graduates from secondary school. The HBI child sponsorship financially supports the education and health of the sponsored children. Sponsor a child in the Philippines today!


First implemented in Rissing Elementary School, the Adopt-a-School Program focuses on the total improvement of the school, along with empowering the enrolled students' parents to augment and improve their earning potential.

School and Community Development

The School and Community Development Program is a hybrid of the Adopt-a-School Project and the Group Sponsorship Project. Both the impoverished community and its under-performing public elementary school will be given with equal importance in terms of project resources and manpower.


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Our movement has been working with HBI for the past 10 years in deeding and supporting unfortunate children in various areas of the Philippines. Because of their support, this feeding program continues to exponentially grow in operations. Thousands of children have benefited from this project and at the same time inspires the donors and volunteers in the fulfillment of these Christian undertakings... It is the HBI's careful attention to financial details that inspires donors year after year of the honest and integrity of our cause. We will continue to work with HBI for the integral honesty and reputable dealings we experienced with them is never questioned.

Engr. Ronald Parcon
Filipino Cursillos In Christianity - Archdiocese of Los Angeles (FCIC-L.A.)

Once again, thank you so much! I still can't believe how friendly you all were and how you cared about me all the time during my visit (I still feel bad about making you so much trouble...). Without you, that experience wouldn't have been possible. So THANK YOU for all your efforts!!! It was an honor to see what my small contribution has done for the poor schools and communities in La Union.

Sarah Moosmann
HBI Supporter

The HBI program in Pitpitac Elem. School was the first time we were consulted about our problems and what we needed. It is the first time where we are not just beneficiaries but participants in a project. In my experience as the school principal, I really saw that every teacher, every parent, and every community member was invested in the project because we know that after the project support, it would be us who would be in charge of continuing the activities. Up to now, everything that the adopt-a-school project did to the school - from the buildings to the livelihood projects - is active and continues to be of benefit to current students and their families. We know that if not for the patience and dedication of the HBI team headed by Ma'am Letty Magaan and Ma'am Monnette Zaragoza, we would not be able to continue the good things that the project has done.

Marissa Noveloso
Former School Principal of Pitpitac Elementary School, Luna, La Union

What I really appreciate about HBI is how humble, people oriented and genuinely interested they are in their beneficiaries. They know how to get along with us and they are very easy to talk to. Being a beneficiary and a participant in their programs, these traits are important because it puts us at ease and parents are not intimidated to join in the activities. In their many years as an NGO active in La Union province, I have not heard of any school, student, parent, teacher, or community member who had complaints about HBI's programs and works. They also managed to empower ordinary farmers, fishermen, and parents to continue operating activities even if they are no longer funding the project.

Josephine Jacobe
Retired Head School Teacher of Rissing Elementary School and Paratong Elementary School in Bangar, La Union

HBI has consistently demonstrated high quality and effective programming, efficient project delivery and implementation, and exceptional levels of professionalism among its staff my experience of working with the organization and its people for more than five years. HBI has shown its commitment to the individuals and communities that they serve, and have forged strong relationships and connections among peoples and groups, encouraging communities and individuals to thrive through their work.

Ronnie Dane Alonzo
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer of ChildFundAustralia / ICARE Australia

Recently, our San Agustin Elementary School was awarded with the Greenest and Most Environmentally-Friendly School Garden Award in the San Fernando Education District. We also received an award for the Most Functional and Child-Friendly School Library in the San Fernando Education District. I believe that these awards would not have been given to us if not for Haligi ng Bata's School and Community Development Program which they implemented in our school in 2013 to 2016 and had more than 2,000 direct beneficiaries.

Myla Ducusin
Principal of San Agustin (Poro) Elementary School

Thank you so much for the great work you do. Blessings to you and your team and your important work! We will continue to support HBI the best way we know how.

Matt and Jen Koschmann
HBI Sponsors and Volunteers

Thank you so much to HBI for their support to us. Before HBI, I was not that active in school and community affairs. Volunteering as an HBI Area Leader made me see how our school's problems are connected to our community's problems, and that the solution to this is to continue working together. Even many years after our project ended, we are still benefitting from sustainable programs like our Rice Bank which now has 200 family-participants from the initial 100. Mabuhay HBI!

Melvin Mingaracal
HBI Area Leader of Rissing Elementary School, Bangar, La Union

We are very impressed about the work you did. We know how difficult it was to start a project with vision in Bayanihan, Negros Occidental. Our cooperation with HBI for the Bayanihan-Habitat Project was the best choice we ever did for the Dutch Help-Parents. Through your experience, knowledge and discipline, the people in Bayanihan could do a step forward. We will and we can recommend HBI for every development project in the Philippines.

Jos Tollenaar
HBI funder/donor

I just want to say thank you to your foundation. You have helped me before with my studies when I was still studying in Castro, Sudipen, La Union. I've received so much help from HBI. I am very grateful and thankful for the sponsorship you've given me. Now I have my college diploma, I graduated at Polytechnic University of the Phils. with a degree of BSA (Accounting). With all my heart thank you for everything. May you continue in helping needy Filipino children. God bless your foundation!

Sundee Velasco
Certified Public Accountant, former HBI sponsored child

Give poor Filipino children a fighting chance at a better future through education. 


La Union

HBI has been actively implementing their social development programs in the La Union Province since the year 1994. Areas reached include indigent barangays in the municipalities of Sudipen, Bangar, Luna, Santol, and Balaoan; and an in-need seaside school and community in the City of San Fernando.

Metro Manila

HBI started their Child Sponsorship Program in the slums of Tondo and over the years have expanded to include other urban poor communities in Manila, Navotas, & Quezon City. Supported families originally hailing from depressed Metro Manila Communities who were relocated to Rodriguez, Rizal continue to be supported.


HBI's newest project area is in San Simon, Pampanga where two at-risk public elementary schools are now being improved through the Adopt-a-School Project. The schools and their students are facing education & health problems stemming from debilitating poverty & the schools' disaster-prone location near the Pampanga River.


The Bulacan Project Areas include marginalized & underserved communities & schools in Guiguinto and Hagonoy. The Guiguinto Area is one of the first communities supported by HBI's Child Sponsorship Program. On the other hand, two Hagonoy public elementary schools were under the Adopt-a-School Project.


Haligi ng Bata, Inc. or HBI is a Philippine non-government organization which provides community & school-based development projects along the lines of education, health, and skills training in Metro Manila, La Union, & Negros Occidental. Founded in 1994, HBI is duly-registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is registered, accredited, and licensed to operate by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).


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