HBI Child Sponsorship Program

The Haligi ng Bata, Inc.’s Child Sponsorship Program allows an individual represented by our partners-in-service, to sponsor  or fund a child in a developing country until the child graduates from secondary school. The HBI child sponsorship financially supports the education and health of the sponsored children. Aside from this, other services such as capacity building and income-generating projects for the children’s parents are also implemented.

Communications between an HBI sponsor and his/her sponsored child is done through letters and through the child’s yearly annual progress report and thank you letter. Other letters such as Christmas postcards are also sent by children to their sponsors. HBI and their partners-in-service act as middlemen when sponsors and children communicate. As part of HBI’s policy, there should be no direct communication between sponsors and children to protect both parties.

The Child Sponsorship Program is a community-based project wherein the HBI Team, represented by their social workers and community volunteers, conduct all related project activities in the communities.

The following are the programs and services provided to HBI sponsored children and their families:



  • Provision of educational assistance, either materials or financial assistance in the forms of miscellaneous fees, school supplies, uniforms, bags and other related expenses
  • Provision of alternative form of education such as educational tours, sports fests and summer camps
  • Conduct of enrichment or tutorial classes
  • Conduct of other non-formal trainings such as Effective Parenting, Career Development and Advocacy on Child Rights



  • Provision of health services like medical/ dental check-ups, fluoride treatment among many others
  • Provision of supplemental feeding program / health kits
  • Provision of medical assistance and other related emergency assistance such as payment for hospitalization bills among others
  •  Provision of health education seminars/trainings for parents and youth like Reproductive Health Care and Sex Education, Family Planning, Nutrition, Prevention of Communicable Diseases and Drug Abuse, HIV and AIDS, etc.


Socio-Economic and Self-Sufficiency/Community Development

  • Conduct of skills and livelihood trainings e.g. short-term and vocational course
  • Provision of start-up livelihood materials and equipment to successful skills and livelihood trainees
  • Provision of funding assistance to support school and community projects


Other Auxiliary Services

  • Burial assistance
  • Relief distribution to victims of calamities
  • Provision of love baskets and other gifts for the sponsored children


Below are some of the photos of the Child Sponsorship Program activities: