Sponsor a Child in the Philippines

Education statistics in the Philippines show that for every 100 Filipino children enrolling in elementary school, only 69 will reach Grade 6. From the 69 kids who continue their elementary schooling, only 48 will complete their high school education. And from the 48 who will finish high school, only 18 will finish their education.

There are varied reasons why such dire statistics have become realities in the Philippines: some children live in far-flung areas where public schools remain inaccessible; some children are not healthy enough for school; some children grow up in households that do not give an importance or value to schooling.

The reasons may be plenty, but if you look closely, what fuels all the possible reasons why children stop schooling is poverty. Poverty dictates whether a child will have complete school supplies once the school year starts. It dictates whether a student would have food for school. Poverty dictates whether a student can join extracurricular activities that they are interested in. It dictates whether or not a student can submit their assignments or projects on time. Poverty continues to play a strong role in quashing whatever enthusiasm a poor child has for continued education and schooling.

Let us help in fostering the poor Filipino children dreams’ of having a better and more productive life through education. Let us help them break free from the debilitating shackles of poverty.  It only takes 30 pesos a day to transform a child from a potential school drop-out to a successful person who has beaten the odds dealt by being poor. Fill out the form below to sponsor a child in the Philippines today:

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After submitting your form, please expect an e-mail from HBI within a week about your new sponsored child’s first report and photos. We urge you to read the report and get back to us if you have any concerns. Once you’ve received this e-mail, you’re ready to make your first child sponsorship donation.