You Can Help

The Philippines is home to an estimated 90.5 million people. Sadly, majority of the population belongs to the poorest of the poor families who do not earn enough to feed their families and send their children to school. Yes, poverty has been hounding our country since time immemorial, but all of us can do something about it. Yes, charity and generosity begins at home, but it doesn’t have to end there.


There are many ways to help our poor and less-fortunate brothers and countrymen. You can do any of the following:


Spend a Birthday with poor and marginalized children

What better way to welcome another year in your life but by sharing your blessings with less fortunate children? Spend your birthdays with us and not only would you feel good about turning a year older, you would also put smiles on faces of poor children.

If you’re not a big fan of parties, then why don’t you donate any amount to Haligi ng Bata, Incorporated. Proceeds would be used to purchase additional books, computers, school supplies and uniforms for the children.

There’s no better way of giving thanks but by giving back to those who have less.


Volunteer your time

If you are a student with a passion to contribute to the social development of your fellow Filipinos; or a burned-out yuppie who wishes to do something meaningful outside the four corners of your cubicle or office; or a retiree who now has a lot of time in you hands – then, consider volunteering for Haligi ng Bata.

We are in constant need of volunteers who would share their knowledge to our beneficiaries – women and children. You can teach computer classes or conduct drawing sessions with poor and marginalized children. If you’re a retired businessman, you can conduct simple business management seminars to our marginalized women entrepreneurs. You are great with cooking? Great! You can help prepare delicious and nutritious meals for our Supplemental Feeding Program. The ways of how you can help are endless!

Aside from all these, you can also donate books, reference materials, educational games, educational computer softwares among many others. If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, feel free to get in touch with us through our Contact Us page.


Any amount, big or small, can help ensure that the poorest of the poor Filipino children can continue their schooling in the hopes of better lives through education. Every pledge of support counts, so if you have money to spare, why not donate? We currently do no accept donations via PayPal, but you can  drop by to our office or shoot us a question if you want more information about donating.

Spread the word about Haligi ng Bata, Incorporated

If you’re short on funds and would want to donate but do not have the resources to do so, there’s still something you can do:
spread the word about Haligi ng Bata, its programs, the children and families it continues to help and its new website. For a small NGO like us, awareness is key, so go ahead and talk about us and invite people to see and check out our website.