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HBI 2011 Metro Manila Accomplishments

As an accredited and licensed Philippine non-government organization, the Haligi ng Bata, Incorporated submits an annual accomplishment report which states all accomplished projects and program statistics to the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Today, we are sharing with you our accomplishments for the year 2011.

In our various project areas in the Metro Manila region, 1,258 HBI-sponsored children received school supplies, school bags and school uniforms. In addition to this, 350 non-sponsored but equally indigent schooling children from various Metro Manila schools received school support in the form of school supplies and P.E. uniforms. To ensure that schooling children of under-equipped public elementary schools will have a chance at having a well-rounded education, HBI through the support of their various partners-in-service provided three Navotas public schools with library books, kindergarten books, Grades 1-6 textbooks, instructional materials for teachers, sports and P.E. equipments, gardening tools and industrial arts equipments.

To safeguard the health of the children, 1,294 sponsored children in Metro Manila were provided with multi-vitamins for the entire year. 661 sponsored children also received health kit supplies containing soaps, hand sanitizers, baby powders, ail cutters, comb, toothpastes and toothbrushes among many others. HBI also continued implementing the Financial and Medical Assistance Program which is open to all sponsored children and their families. 320 undernourished children also participated in supplemental feeding and mass feeding programs. Lastly, community-based medical check-ups were conducted for 307 community members in the impoverished Navotas community of Adelfa.

Other important programs along the lines of Community Empowerment, Livelihood Projects and Christmas Activities were also implemented in the year 2011. The tables below will show the various HBI programs and the beneficiaries served during the 2011 implementation period:

In behalf of all HBI sponsored children and their families, we would like to thank all our partners-in-services, volunteers and donors who made all these programs realities. Here is to hoping for more years of developmental work for the benefit of poor Filipino children – their families, communities and schools.

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