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At a glance: The Rissing Elementary School in Bangar, La Union

The Rissing Elementary School circa 2008
The Rissing Elementary School circa 2008

The teaching staff, willing to shape young minds regardless of the income, is always in need of updated and accurate learning materials to aid them with their teaching. The children, willing to learn new knowledge and study their lessons, need a functioning school library. The school used to have a library but a typhoon that devastated Bangar in the late 1990s resulted to flash floods in the school which destroyed their library and all its books and other educational materials. Aside from a destroyed library, the school’s common comfort room is also dilapidated and the children and teaching staff would have to make do with the classroom latrines which do not have access to water.

You might ask what the government is doing to alleviate the school’s situation. Although they are doing all they could, the municipal government of Bangar, La Union simply do not have the financial resources to resolve all the problems in the school. The school’s teaching staff, headed by their Principal Carmen Garcia, is left with no other option but to conserve the supplies provided by the government. But in spite of all their efforts to save and conserve, the school still lacks supplies – books, chairs, chalks among many others.

The Ylenia Foundation, in their effort to help poor schools, coordinated with Haligi ng Bata, Incorporated’s longtime Swiss partner, Co-Operaid, to find schools in need of their help. The Ylenia Foundation, through Haligi ng Bata and Co-Operaid, found Rissing Elementary School as a suitable candidate for their project.

If everything goes as planned and proposed, the Ylenia foundation, through HBI (also known as Pillars for the Children) and Co-Operaid, aims to implement school improvement projects including the construction of one storey-three classroom building for Grade 1-3 schooling children and the provision of books and instructional and educational materials for the school library.

Aside from that, the foundation also aims to help the schooling children along the areas of education and health via the provision of schook books, school supplies, school uniforms and other school needs, and the implementation of a supplemental feeding program for identified undernourished children. To ensure sustainability, the foundation also aims to help the parents of the schooling children via the provision of seed capital for income generating projects, implementation of livelihood skills training among many other proposed programs.

Yes, the road towards improvement and sustainable change is long and winding, but with the commitment of the Ylenia Foundation, the Rissing Elementary School, Co-Operaid Switzerland and Haligi ng Bata, Incorporated, anything is possible.