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A Closer Look: The North Bay Boulevard South Navotas area

We have already featured several close looks and glimpses of rural areas being helped by Haligi ng Bata, Incorporated in partnership with their funding partners. But the core of Philippine poverty remains to exist in the urban communities of Metro Manila. For today, we would like you to focus your attention to one of the poorest and most indigent urban areas being helped by HBI – the North Bay Boulevard South (NBBS) in Navotas. Below is a short video which we hope could give you a glimpse and an idea as to how needy the NBBS community is – and how, in spite of debilitating poverty, the community residents are able to live.

The community featured in this video were the victims of Typhoon Pedring which devastated the country on September 2011. These shanty houses have been reduced to mostly rubble yet some of the beneficiaries continue to live here. Now, majority of the residents still live in the evacuation center in Navotas as they continue to wait for housing from the local government.

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