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Get to know more about Haligi ng Bata by watching videos of our activities

Trafigura Foundation and HBI: An Video

On June 2014, the Haligi ng Bata, Inc. (HBI) and the Trafigura Foundation jointly visited – for the first time – the San Agustin Elementary School and the San Agustin community in San Fernando, La Union – the sites of the 3-Year School and Community Development Project locally implemented by HBI and funded by Trafigura.

Joining them in this field visit is Peter and Geraldine Carney –  the husband and wife team behind Exposure Media Productions Philippines. Working with Trafigura, Exposure PH gave a face and portrayed the story of the project’s aims, its stakeholders, and what the project has done and will do for the improvement of the lives of the San Agustin students.

Please take a moment to know the visual story of the San Agustin School and Community Development Project by watching this:

Aside from documenting the San Agustin School and Community Development Project, Exposure PH and Trafigura also told the story of another development project in Cebu with another development organization Eau et Vie. Take a gander at their story here:

To know more about Exposure Media Productions Philippines, please visit their website – To get in touch with them, shoot them an e-mail at Exposure PH is also on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

HBI would like to thank Exposure PH for sharing with us the finished videos and for bearing with our bare land trip accommodation during their visit.

(Article’s featured photo taken by Exposure PH) 

The Pagkain Para sa Lahat (Food for All) Program in Navotas

The Haligi ng Bata, Incorporated’s Navotas Project Areas (R10 and Barangay Daang-Hari) were treated to a mass feeding program sponsored by Deacon Dante Manalo, Engr. Ronald Parcon and company. The feeding program’s sponsors are Fil-Americans who are members of the Los Angeles Filipino Cursillo Movement (FCIC-LA). Through donations from the FCIC-LA’s  members, 500 hungry children from the slums were able to forget about their daily woes as they enjoyed hot and sumptuous meals prepared by organized HBI Area Leaders. Watch a short video of Pagkain Para sa Lahat by pressing the play button below:

A Closer Look: The North Bay Boulevard South Navotas area

We have already featured several close looks and glimpses of rural areas being helped by Haligi ng Bata, Incorporated in partnership with their funding partners. But the core of Philippine poverty remains to exist in the urban communities of Metro Manila. For today, we would like you to focus your attention to one of the poorest and most indigent urban areas being helped by HBI – the North Bay Boulevard South (NBBS) in Navotas. Below is a short video which we hope could give you a glimpse and an idea as to how needy the NBBS community is – and how, in spite of debilitating poverty, the community residents are able to live.

The community featured in this video were the victims of Typhoon Pedring which devastated the country on September 2011. These shanty houses have been reduced to mostly rubble yet some of the beneficiaries continue to live here. Now, majority of the residents still live in the evacuation center in Navotas as they continue to wait for housing from the local government.

Area Laon Laan: Homes Along the Railroads

Laon-Laan, a community near the railroads, is one of Haligi ng Bata’s areas of operation. Currently, there are Laon-Laan sponsored children who are being aided by HBI and their foreign partner, ICARE New Zealand.

Now, Laon Laan residents including our beneficiaries, are facing a fork in the road. Due to the government’s efforts to rehabilitate the old Philippine National Railways, residents are forced to relocate to far-away relocation sites in Bulacan, Cavite & Montalban. In spite of their houses being demolished, some residents choose to go back to Laon Laan and live in shanties. There are also those who chose to start again in their relocation site. This short video will give you a better grasp about the daily lives of Laon Laan residents.

A New Hope Rises in Barangay Castro, Sudipen, La Union

One of the many areas of operation of Haligi ng Bata, Incorporated is the Barangay Castro, located in the sleepy town of Sudipen, La Union Farming is the number 1 source of income of Barangay Castro residents. With 92 sponsored children and families, HBI has been operating their Child Sponsorship Program here since the late 1990s.

The lands of Castro are fertile for planting tobacco, rice & other vegetation, only problem is that most of the farmers do not own their farming lands. They get a meager share of the harvested crops – too meager that they cannot fulfill the needs of the family. We are going to stop here and will let the video tell you the rest about Barangay Castro & the Castro Elementary School.