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Area Laon Laan: Homes Along the Railroads

Laon-Laan, a community near the railroads, is one of Haligi ng Bata’s areas of operation. Currently, there are Laon-Laan sponsored children who are being aided by HBI and their foreign partner, ICARE New Zealand.

Now, Laon Laan residents including our beneficiaries, are facing a fork in the road. Due to the government’s efforts to rehabilitate the old Philippine National Railways, residents are forced to relocate to far-away relocation sites in Bulacan, Cavite & Montalban. In spite of their houses being demolished, some residents choose to go back to Laon Laan and live in shanties. There are also those who chose to start again in their relocation site. This short video will give you a better grasp about the daily lives of Laon Laan residents.