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The Adopt-a-School Project in Rissing Elementary School (2008-2012)

On the other hand, the measurements of program success are as follows:


Ylenia Building of the Rissing Elementary School in Bangar, La Union
Ylenia Building of the Rissing Elementary School in Bangar, La Union


  • A total of 220 children were supported by the Educational assistance project in the four years of the Adopt-a-School Project’s implementation. All of these children received school supplies (1,425 sets provided), school slippers (985 pairs provided), school shoes (220 pairs provided), school uniforms (1,144 sets), school bags (776 school bags), rain gear (588 raincoats and umbrellas), towels and handkerchiefs (184 pieces provided).
    • Among the 220 children provided with support, none had to repeat a grade level or failed to graduate on time.
    • According to the children’s report cards provided by the school’s teachers, the average final grade of the students from Grades 1-6 is 87% (86.75%) in the June 2011 – March 2012 school year. This is an increase from the average students’ grade of 81% (81.3%) during the June 2007 – March 2008 school year.  In the four years of the project, a 6-point grade increase was seen among the students.
    • With regards to attendance, the school teachers recorded that for the June 2011 – March 2012 school year, an average of two (2) absences per month was recorded per grade level. The reasons for absences are usually minor illnesses like colds and family/personal reasons. Prior to this, the average number of absences amongst students was six (6) in the 2007-2008 period.
    • 120 Enrichment class participants all finished their tutorial sessions according to enrichment class records. All participants were promoted to their respective grade levels and none had to attend another enrichment class session after completing the 6-month tutorial classes.
    • Enrichment class graduates exhibited a grade increase of at least two (2) points after completing the tutorial classes. According to the teachers of the enrichment classes, the children-participants’ average lowest grade in their school subjects is 78% out of 100% with the highest average grade at 85.4%. None of the children failed in their subjects.
    • The Rissing Elementary School won numerous awards during municipal competitions where all public elementary schools compete. The children win in sports competitions, computer contests, academic contests and music contests.

 b.      School Support/Assistance Projects

  • The Rissing Elementary School gained three (3) additional classrooms, a canteen, a library, a repaired and working water system and a Natural Water Filtration System. In addition to this, the school also received a new playground and a productive organic garden. Through the efforts of CO-OPERAID Switzerland, the school was also provided with a covered court and stage that they can use during school activities like graduations and school-community meetings. Lastly, school materials and equipments like books, reference materials, library equipments, musical instruments and sports equipments were provided to the school.
    • The school’s ranking among the 16 public elementary schools in  Bangar, La Union improved from 15th out 16 in both primary (Grade 1 – Grade 3 education) and intermediate (Grade 4 – Grade 6 education) levels in 2007-2008, to 2nd in intermediate level and 1st in the primary level in 2011-2012.
    • Since the repair of the school’s water system and the creation of the Natural Water Filtration in the school, there have been no reports of children acquiring water-borne diseases according to both teachers and parents.
    • The Rissing Elementary School has new services apart from educational services for the students. These new services include enrichment classes, computer classes, drum and lyre group, glee club, gardening club, sports, library services, canteen services and clinic services. Prior to the implementation of the Adopt-a-School Project in the school, these nine (9) services were not consistently provided by the school to its students.
    • All classes for all grade levels have improved lessons plans that give more focus on the active-participation of students.
    • The ratio of books to students as of 2011-2012 is 1 book: 1 student compared to the ratio in 2007-2008: 1 book: 4 students.
    • The Rissing Elementary School’s library with computers has an average of 70 students who are weekly library users. This 2011-2012 record is an increase from the 50 average users in 2010-2011 and from the baseline data of 0 since the school didn’t have a library in 2007-2008.
    • The Rissing Elementary School’s canteen has an average of 180 students who weekly purchase food and snacks. This 2011-2012 record is an increase from the 147 average students in 2010-2011 and from the baseline data of 0 since the school didn’t have a canteen in 2007-2008.
    • The Rissing Elementary School has nine (9) working toilets in 2011-2012. In 2007-2008, the school only had three (3) working toilets.

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