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The Adopt-a-School Project in Rissing Elementary School (2008-2012)

Madam Charlotte Lenhard visits the Rissing Elementary School
Madam Charlotte Lenhard visits the Rissing Elementary School

The following are the major outcomes and effects of the implemented Adopt-a-School Project in Rissing Elementary School:

  • Children are now more excited to go to their daily school classes – According to the Rissing Elementary School teachers, before the implementation of the Adopt-a-School Project in their school, there are many instances of children unenthusiastically going to school or children who just go to school for the attendance record. Oftentimes, these children do not listen to class discussions and cannot answer questions during exams and recitations. Since the students were provided with complete school needs, they have no excuse to be absent from school or to not actively participate in class.
  • Children accomplish assignments/homeworks and projects on time – Before, the students do not do all their assignments and projects because they are saving their notebooks and pad papers for more important quizzes and major projects. Now that they have the right amount of school supplies at their disposal, the children need not save papers or notebook pages.
  • Children find it easier to learn which resulted to increased grades- Before, children have to use a single notebook for 3-4 subject notes and seat works. They had to pick which notes to take down so that they could accommodate notes from other teachers and subjects. Now that they have complete sets of notebooks, they are able to take down all notes and study them for quizzes and exams.
  • Children are now more participative in class discussions and extra-curricular activities – Because children are able to take down complete notes and study them, they have become more participative in class discussions according to their teachers. Extra-curricular classroom activities like computer classes are also filled with new student-participants because they need not worry about getting new notebooks or supplies for these extra classes.
  • Children incurred fewer absences – According to the Rissing Elementary School teachers, before the provision of direct school support, children often incur absences of at least 6 school days a month. After the provision of supplies, the average absent rate is at 2 absents per month.
  • Incidents of bullying and fighting among children were lessened – In rural public schools like the Rissing Elementary School, children get bullied mainly either because they are too poor and have no school supplies, or they have the means to buy more school supplies compared to their classmates. Because the children were provided with equal number of supplies, uniforms, slippers and other school needs, the schooling children have no reason to pick on or bully another student because they have the same number of supplies.
  • School Pride is now higher – According to teachers, because of the improvements in the performance of the Rissing Elementary School students and the school’s reputation, teachers have reported that school pride is high and former graduates who are now working overseas are giving more donations for the school. Part of the donations was used for the project that improved the school’s entrance and quad.
  • Through the provided instructional and teaching materials to the school, teachers were able to update their lesson plans and integrate new and updated learning materials to their daily teachings thus improving the school’s teaching practices,
  • New school materials and equipments provided the Rissing Elementary School with the opportunity to provide more academic services like enrichment classes and computer classes to interested students.
  • Through the various school infrastructure works in the Rissing Elementary School, the local Department of Education heralded them as one of the most improved public elementary schools in Bangar, La Union. As a result, the school’s reputation in the local Department of Education has improved which in turn positively affects the school’s current and future requests for repair funds or trainings from the Department of Education.
  • With additional functional school buildings created and/or repaired, the Rissing Elementary School now have the means to improve their extra-curricular activities by reviving shelved student club activities such as the sports club, student gardening club, cooking club, glee club, drum and lyre band, and booklovers club.
  • The school’s additional facilities and equipments made teaching better and more efficient resulting to producing better students who are performing better in class, in diagnostic tests and aptitude exams.
  • The provided school support improved the reputation of the Rissing Elementary School from a lowly public elementary school ranked 15th out of 16 schools  into one of the best public elementary schools in the Bangar, La Union region ranked 2nd out 16 schools.
  • The provided school support, specifically the school’s Materials Recovery Facility, spread awareness on recycling and garbage segregation amongst the students and teaches resulting to a cleaner and better school.

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